Master of Music Performance


  • Sra. Herminia Caamaño, Program Assistant
  • +56 2 29781375
  • Compañía N°1264, Santiago - Chile

Grado académico

Master of Music Performance

Área del conocimiento

Arte y Arquitectura Humanidades

Facultad o Instituto

Facultad de Artes


Paulina Zamora Escobar


Inscription value 2019: $50.000 chilean pesos
Registration 2019: $139.200 chilean pesos
Cost 2019: $3.098.000 chilean pesos

The program is oriented towards the development of creative practices of innovative discourses in the field of music performance, with the understanding of this specialty as a form of artistic creation conformed by the reflection and researching of stylistics practices, acquisition processes of technical, analytical and interpretative abilities related to repertoires of European tradition with especial emphasis on Latin American production.


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The program is organized under a regime of semester studies with flexible curriculum system. The plan of study comprises a set of obligatory and elective subjects each expressed in a specific number of credits.

The students must approve 102 credits; 64 credits of theoretical subjects and obligatory workshops, 8 credits of elective courses, 30 credits of a Thesis.

The obligatory and elective curricular activities are determined by the subjects that the plan of study offers, upon agreement with the tutor who will guide the student in accordance with the requirements of the program and the orientation of his or her thesis project.

The areas of specialty are Guitar, Piano, Harpsichord, Trombone, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet, Bassoon, Oboe, Violin, Cello, Viola, Double Bass, Orchestral Conducting, and voice.

  • The candidate must be in possession of an academic or professional degree in the field of instrumental performance. Additionally, the candidate must complete the requirements of the online application platform.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Spanish language

Required documentation

  • Application form
  • Curriculum Vitae that describes significant experience in the field of instrumental performance and training.
  • Audiovisual recording of performing activity (DVD recordings produced during the last year)
  • A letter of Intention which declares the objectives to be achieved within the program and a work proposal of the subject(s) to be presented in the Thesis.
  • Personal interview
  • Health insurance declaration (international students)

*The requested files must be uploaded to the application site