Master of Cultural Management


  • Sra. Clara Huapaya, Program Assistant
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  • Las Encinas N° 3370, Santiago - Chile

Grado académico

Master of Cultural Management

Área del conocimiento

Arte y Arquitectura Ciencias Sociales

Facultad o Instituto

Facultad de Artes

N° de Decreto

0031307 / 2016


Gabriel Matthey Correa


Inscription value 2019: $50.000 chilean pesos
Registration 2019: $139.200 chilean pesos
Cost 2019: $3.098.000 chilean pesos

The main target of this program is to prepare specialists with strong skills in applied and theoretical knowledge in the field of art and cultural management. Through an anthropological and sociological analysis, it provides essential practical skills to develop a critical analysis upon the current dynamics of contemporary culture, its human territories, artistic expressions, public spaces, cultural policies, legal aspects and economic-administrative areas, in such a way that the graduated will achieve a multidisciplinary vision and integral approach.


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The program has a duration of two years full-time, from March to December. The plan of study comprises a set of core subjects and a number of modules in a complementary area, organized by five main fields: a) Human Sciences, b) Arts Management, c) Cultural Management, d) Economics e) Graduation Process.

You must successfully complete modules worth a total of 90 credit points: 12 credits of obligatory subjects from field a), 18 credits of obligatory subjects from field b), 12 credits of obligatory subjects from field d), 12 credits of elective courses from fields a) and/or b), 30 credits of thesis.

The compulsory and optional modules are defined by the subjects that offers the plan of study of mutual agreement with the tutor, who will guide the student in accordance with the exigencies of the program and the orientation of his/her thesis project. 

  • Applicants must have a Bachelor's or professional degree in an arts or humanities subject, or an academic degree in any subject (with a level, content and duration equivalent those required to earn a Bachelor's degree from Universidad de Chile) with experience of administration/management in an arts and cultural organisation.
  • A pre-thesis project.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Spanish language

Required documentation

  • Application form
  • Copy of academic degree
  • CV describing education and aquired abilities in the field and academic activity (publications, teaching experience, projects of Cultural Management developed, etc.)
  • Thesis Project proposal
  • Health insurance declaration (international students)
  • These documents may be presented in Spanish, English or French and must be properly legalized according the Apostille of the Hague.

*The requested files must be uploaded to the application site